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Your Resume: Revitalized

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Refresh Your Resume
Re-ignite Your Career

Are you feeling stressed, burned-out, and unfulfilled in your current job? 
  • I excel at helping others discover their strengths, make transitions, and reignite their careers.


  • I review your resume, discuss your current job, and ask discerning questions about your career goals to write a resume that best represents you in the job market.

  • We meet on Zoom, in-person, via phone and email. 

  • We use drafts for you to clarify your questions. I make changes and send a final copy. 

  • The process transforms your "just a job" attitude into excitement about your career. You can make this transition, too! 

I've successfully helped clients understand their talents in relation to the job market. I've empowered them to find a new vision of themselves, edited their resumes and helped them transition from one career to another for over twenty years. I use deep listening skills, an analytical mind, and a wide understanding of career development to assist clients.

My hourly rate is $60 per hour. The typical 2-page resume takes 4-6 hours. Some clients prefer to do most of the revision. I work on an hourly basis and charge for the time it takes to create the resume.


You're hiring me to research, edit, write, and format your resume. We work back and forth via email after the initial consultation. Your input is a crucial part of the process because of the variety and complexity of different careers. I create a resume format that will best present your skills to potential employers. Additional resumes, help with cover letters, and assistance with LinkedIn pages incur additional charges at the hourly rate. 

  • I offer a free 15-20 minute phone consultation to decide if my services are a fit.

  • You'll send me a copy of your current resume via email prior to the first meeting. We meet virtually via Zoom, Skype, or phone calls.

  • We'll review your work history and career goals. I listen, take notes, and ask deep questions to determine how best to reflect your skills on your resume.

  • Follow up can be done via phone and/or email.

  • I require a signed letter of agreement prior to reviewing your resume and a $120 deposit before the first meeting. The balance is due upon delivery of the final resume.

Recommendations from Satisfied Clients

Mary is a fabulous career and resume consultant! Working with her made me feel like I could do anything. She helped me recognize my strengths and value what I have to offer.

Angela J., Data Use Agreement Administrator

Mary has been my talent development, career coach, and resume consultant for two years. Her unique people development skills and abilities are remarkable and produce results in concert with the goals set. Her resume skills unearth the best of people, highlighting their strengths and natural abilities. Her input has produced fabulous things for me!


Dorothy P., Artistic Designer

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