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Mary E. Berg, M.A.

Writing for Every Aspect of Life

In 2020, after ten years of studying memoir, a friend encouraged Berg to submit a poem for publication. “Right Where You Are” was immediately accepted by Daily Word, a daily devotional magazine published six times a year by Unity Worldwide Headquarters. The success of having three additional poems published in Daily Word led her to revise, write, and compile the current collection. The volume captures the nebulous double thread that connects our inner consciousness and our outer reality. The poems relate the comfort found in writing about the beauty of the natural world as well as in life’s ages, stages, and changes.

She has an MA in Education from the University of Minnesota and has studied writing at The Loft Literary Center, Madeline Island School of the Arts, Split Rock Arts Program, and The University of Minnesota.

As a former associate professor of clinical education, I've taught hundreds of professional students how to write, revise, and renew out-dated resumes. I use that expertise with each client to create a unique, custom-tailored product. 

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